Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 87 Keys Wired Blue Switch Rainbow Backlit PC Mac USB

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Metal Panel - The TKL mechanical gaming keyboard is crafted with exquisite and tight metal panel, making it a stylish look. Cool brushed metal panel not only enhances the texture of the gaming keyboard but also extremely improves the durability of the whole keyboard. It has a water-resistant function, you don't have to worry about spilled liquids damaging the keyboard.

Enhanced Backlit Gaming Keyboard - This mechanical keyboard has 6 special gaming backlights (ACT/RTS/FPS/SPG/MOBA/RAC), 24 customized backlight effects, 5 adjustable brightness and 5-level speed. Each key is colored brightly, so you can type and play games even in a dark environment without difficulty, and the soft light won't hurt your eyes.

Tactile & Clicky Blue Switch - Vic Tech FL wired mechanical keyboard is equipped with clicky blue switches, which has tactile feedback, less operation force and faster speed. A best gaming keyboard for gamer to enjoy a clear and satisfying "click" sound. The floating keycaps are ergonomically curved, reducing your fatigue for long-term gaming.

Ultimate Game-Performance Mechanical Keyboard - All 87 keys rollover and anti-ghosting to work simultaneously , allowing gamer to make light-speed and complex game-combos in tense gaming. Win key lock for no interruption in games.

Durable & Stable Professional Mechanical keyboard - Double shot keycaps are made for a permanent finish. Spill, sweat and dust resistant material is adopted for less prone to long-term buildup of grime. 50 million keystrokes to ensure ultimate durability. The Vic Tech FL gaming keyboard is designed as a rigid, solid and extraordinary mechanical island.

Premium Quality Mechanical Keyboard
Unique rectangular metal rim and carved logo will shine under lights, adding the fashion sense of the mechanical keyboard.

Customized Backlight Effects
Customize your own gaming backlights:
Press FN+7/8/9 to enter into custom mode
Next press FN+PGDN to enter record mode
Then press any keys you want
Finally press FN+PGDN to save the customized light mode.
24 Backlight Modes Switch: FN + PS/ SL/ PB/ INS/ HM/ PU
Brightness Control: FN + ↑, FN + ↓
Speed Control: FN + ←, FN + →

Multifunctional Key Shortcuts
12 combination shortcuts including multimedia keys, folder, keyboard lock, calculator, email and etc. Suitable for both game and office use.
Switch from WASD to ↑←↓→: FN + W
Lock Win Function: FN + Win

Considerate Keyboard Structure
The additional trunking on the back helps fasten USB cable firmly and organize your desktop neater.
Waterproof metal panel with 4 drain holes on the back to protect keyboard from damage of drink & tea splash. (Note: If too much water is poured on the keyboard, it will be damaged!) The clean and exquisite-craft finish makes Vic Tech FL mechanical keyboard more beautiful and comfortable.
Ergonomic stepped key layout to fit your hand-typing shape, alleviating long-term keystroke fatigue as far as possible.
Non-slip textured rubber feet can prevent the mechanical gaming keyboard from sliding and will not scratch or scuff your desk.
Foldable kickstands offer you an ergonomic keypress angle during game.

Vic Tech FL mechanical gaming keyboard is easy to carry. You can take it to net bars and E-sports hall or on a trip.

Packing List
Keyboard x1
User Manual x1
VIP Card x 1

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